If the client cancels the booking within 14 days prior to departure, NorthernShots Tours AS will refund her/him the whole amount.
If the client cancels later than 14 days prior to departure, NorthernShots Tours AS will retain the whole amount.

NorthernShots Tours AS shall not be liable for delays or cancellations caused by Force Majeure such as strike lock out, or collisions, fire and damage on buses, trains, ferries or planes.
We accept no responsibility or liability of war, terrorism, diseases or any conditions beyond our control.


Granted that the local weather forecasts are generally very accurate, there will always be a margin of error that makes impossible to predict with 100% accuracy whether there will be or not a chance to find some clear skies during a tour. Our experience on the field proved that, statistically, even in the worst weather circumstances, a 5 minutes totally unpredicted opening in the clouds can turn a hopeless night into a successful chase.
For this reason, we stick to the rule that, as long as the driving/road conditions are considered as safe, we never cancel a tour.


Group reservations are confirmed upon a prepayment of 20% as a deposit. The remaining 80% has to be paid up to 14 days prior to tour departure. The reservation can be cancelled and fully refunded within 14 days prior to tour departure. After this period, we order all our services and it is therefore not possible to issue a refund.


Our staff/guides are actively working to ensure that the tour will be carried through in the safest possible way, however we cannot supervise every single step the participants will take.
All areas where our excursions take place have been repeatedly tested. We personally made sure all the areas we might happen to stop and explore, to be safe and suitable for our guests. However, every participant must be aware that we operate in wild arctic regions: this can mean cold, slippery and dark. NorthernShots Tours AS is therefore not responsible for any possible injury or harm to neither people or objects occurring during the excursion, whenever and wherever outside or inside the vehicle/bus.
Parents, or whoever acts in their stand, who guarantee for children, have to be in adequate physical shape to supervise them and to help and assist them in any case of need.

NorthernShots Tours AS is not responsible for any valuable/property lost or stolen during the excursions.


The northern lights are a natural phenomenon; hence, they cannot be guaranteed nor surely forecast. For this reason, we do offer 50 or 100% discount (depending on the chosen tour) on the next day tour, whenever we have not been able to spot the lights.
These discounts apply only the first next day after the unsuccessful tour. None of these discounts can be applied nor refund nor replace tours already booked. Whenever the day to use the discount on was already booked, it will be possible to use the discount on the next first non-booked tour.
These discounts can only guarantee a seat on the Aurora Chasing tour, regardless of the type of tour where the lights have not been spotted.
In case of any doubt, it will be up to the incontestable discretion of the tour leader/guide to state whether the lights have been spotted or not. Note that these discounts do NOT apply to GROUPS as groups usually already profit from better rates.
Please contact us if you wish to negotiate before booking.


All photographs taken during our excursions might be published by NorthernShots Tours AS. Unless differently agreed upon written request, the client acknowledges that all photographs taken during the tour can be publicly displayed and put for sale by NorthernShots Tours AS.

NorthernShots Tours AS does not sell the ownership nor the copyrights of an image, but only the license to use it.

The re-distribution of our photos, or the use of our photos within products that are mass distributed in any type of archive format is not allowed without an extended or special license.

You may not lease, sell or re-distribute, publish or use for any commercial or public purpose any NorthernShots Tours AS images unless an extended license for product resale or a special license with free rights for the image was purchased. If special license has not been purchased the images will be provided with NorthernShots Tours AS logo.

You can use NorthernShots Tours AS images for any personal projects without time, location, or number constraints.

All NorthernShots Tours AS images are provided as downloadable JPG files. We do NOT sell hard copies nor any kind of prints unless differently agreed upon private requests.

Once a purchase is made, we cannot offer a refund. The reason for this policy is because we offer full access to our entire digital collection of photos and, as such, there is no way for our products to be returned.

Once a purchase is made the client gets immediately provided by email with a link to a private page where it will be possible to download the purchased digital material. The link gives right to 5 downloads per item purchased and will expire 15 days after purchasing.

Our Aurora Top Comfort tour includes 1 (one) photograph from the excursion per person. The client will have to provide NorthernShots Tours AS with the PHOTO ID number of the desired photograph. NorthernShots Tours AS will thereafter provide the client with the photograph via email.

You are not allowed to use NorthernShots Tours AS images in any way that places the photographer or people in the photo in a bad light.

You are not allowed to use NorthernShots Tours AS images in any manner that is considered libelous, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or illegal.